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Account Handling Salaries


What's the going rate for an Account Director? How much should an Account Executive expect to earn?

Please see below for our survey of average account handling salaries in 2016. This data has been taken from a broad selection of London agencies, from large networks to small independents.

2016 was a relatively steady year for average salaries in account handling. There continues to be strong demand at the mid-level (particularity SAMs) which has continued to drive salaries up further towards an average of £40k. Of particular note is the substantial decline in the use of the ‘GAD’ title. An increasing number of agencies are dropping this in favour of a broader SAD title with the next step being Business Director or equivalent.

The insatiable appetite for Direct and CRM skills has continued unabated; this has been further increased by several large client moves and the increasing business focus in the space from more traditionally ATL-focussed agencies.


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